With incongruity

This project indicates how people adapt to the environment with frequent natural disasters in Japan in order to live with harmony in nature.
Japan’s topography has deep canyons and steep slope river among the mountains because of many volcanic chains, and about 70% of the lands are occupied by the mountains.
There are often damaged by many natural disasters such as earthquake, tsunami, typhoon, landslide, volcanic eruption and more.

For Japanese, they have to face the inevitable natural disasters and have to accept the devastating situations.
Those are not an indignant fact but they’re suffering from a grief emotion with no exit.
Right after this tragedy, we immediately have to get reconstruct their daily lives to live together with nature within a limited space on the island.

Japanese people, they are living with a natural disaster.
This situation makes them naturally think of appreciating a benefit of nature as well as they confront the menace of nature.
Therefore, Japanese are in awe of nature and have a special thought to nature by repeated natural disasters since ancient times.
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