When the mountain edge emits light

This project has captured the environment in Japan where a natural disaster frequently occurs.
It indicates how the Japanese adapt to a devastating situation and how they have been coexisting with nature since ancient times.

Japan’s topography has deep canyons and steep slope rivers among the mountains due to the volcanic chains spread throughout Japan.
About 70% of the lands in Japan are occupied by the mountains. The Japanese frequently suffers from the devastating damage from natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunami, typhoons, landslides, volcanic eruption etc.
Japan is one of the frequent countries that often attacked by natural disasters in the world.

The Japanese have to immediately cope with its devastating situation due to natural disasters.
They have been endured a severe situation rather than being anger or panic by repeated natural disasters.
Right after the natural disaster occurred, they immediately have to reconstruct their circumstances for starting over their ordinary life within a limited space on the island of Japan.

Therefore, preparation for disasters has been habited as a national character.
There are many measures throughout Japan in order to minimize the damages of natural disasters.
For instance, the man-made blocks are placed everywhere along the coast and the middle of the ocean to dissipate the big waves of the tsunami. A concrete wall is constructed on the cliff to prevent sediment disasters. Dams are constructed to prevent a flood and also supplied as electricity. Also, the structures in Japan are designed with considering natural disasters.

This circumstance has cultivated a Japanese special conception that everything is evanescent and nothing is permanent in this universe.
Repeatedly natural disasters since ancient times make them terrified the menace of nature besides admiring the benefit of nature.
They comprehend natural disaster is the work of God beyond an uncontrollable phenomenon, and sense the myriad of Gods everywhere in nature and daily life. This is a concept of animism that spirit and life reside with everything in the universe since ancient times.

Consequently, there are many folklore in Japan that predict natural disasters from a natural phenomenon in order to minimize the damage.
Its wisdom discovered by the ancestors in their daily life has been handed down to live with harmony in nature such as
“ There is a possibility of an earthquake when the mountain edge emits light.”
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