Time Project

This is a time-based documentary project, focused on specific places over a specific amount of time.
Photographs are lined up over time, and my timepieces are shared with you through this project.
This time-based documentary is a kind of a story that makes us conscious of how time goes by.

54:03 fukuoka

Stayed for 54 hours and 3 minutes in Fukuoka, Japan.

I was born in a small village in Fukuoka where my grandparents'house is and grew up in Tokyo area where my parents'house is.
Every summer, I used to spend a couple months at the grandparents'house.
Every time I visit Fukuoka, I get a stronger feeling of nostalgia than Tokyo.
During this visit Fukuoka was celebrating the festival of “Jinko-Sai”(honor to God).
“Jinko-sai” is a festival that has taken place for over 200 years in my small village in Fukuoka.
Though it is not a festival I have had a particularly personal connection with in my past...

11:14 moscow

Stayed for 11 hours and 14 minutes in Moscow, Russia.
I stayed in Moscow in transit from New York to Tokyo.
This was my first visit to Moscow.
I had 3 purposes on this trip :
1. See Saint Basil's Cathedral in Red Square.
2. Get a Matryoshka doll.
3. Eat Piroshki. That was all.

I can't speak or read the Russian language at all.
This is my documentary that I walked around my unknown city without any companion.

8:42 frankfurt

Stayed for 8 hours and 42 minutes in Frankfurt.

Here is a small town close to Oder river and the border of Poland.
I can't speak or read the German language. I'm a totally stranger here.
I walked around the place where I have never been before without a map.
This is my documentary of the outsider viewpoint of my unknown place.
all contents (c) yoko naito all rights reserved.