I was here

I was into nostalgic memory between past to present in this place where I once lived for a while as a hometown.
The cheerful kid's voices can hear from a distance under the strong sunlight and sizzling hot air surrounded me.

Here is cultural and racial diversity. Some people, who live in the same place in their entire life,
who live apart from their hometown with a pride in their original identity
or who live in various regions without their own one specific hometown.

I had the sorrowful feelings that I could not be part of this place at the same time I had the feeling of liberation that I could get out of this place.
These ambivalent feelings were combined with each other while glimpsing of their lives, irrelevant to me.

Although my mind might have understood in which direction should be ahead, my heart might have wavered unstably between the past to the future.
My mind has gone confusedly back and forth between the past and the present for the future.

I left behind those memories this place which once my hometown and went away to a new place.
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