Neutral Utopia

This project depicts how foreigner feels and survive in a new environment or an unfamiliar place.

The foreigners struggle to adapt to an unfamiliar place of a new environment with isolation feeling.
After a while, they figure out the local rules and customs as if acting like local people.
Although some people can adapt totally behavior and their way of thinking,
some other people pretend to be locals, holding their original identity in their mind as an outsider.
Some people consciously/unconsciously judge by appearance with their various biases to the foreigners.
"Globalization" is easy to verbalize, but intangible phenomenon for the minority foreigners in a new environment.

This series is a photomontage project to create a "new" world.
The background has many layers with an artificial environment such as a zoo,
botanical garden and greenhouse in order to create an unfamiliar environment.
A foreigner is projected onto animals in the zoo.
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