This project captures the scenery around the terminal train stations in Berlin and corresponds with the current social situation in Europe and personal feelings.
This project depicts an unstable emotion and a fragile situation by living in an unfamiliar place, apart from the homeland.
This circumstance overlaps with the social problems such as refugees, occurring in the Europe of today, and eventually evokes various emotions of curiosity, expectation, hope, tension, uncertainty, anxiety and loneliness.
This is also superimposed onto our general life that we are searching for a comfortable place to live as a final destination in our life.

I explored the scenery around the final stop of the train stations of each line in Berlin in order to capture the unfamiliar place with the unstable feelings and a fresh impression. We never know if the journey of life still continues or not.
This project doesn't conclude the final destination but encourages us to a possibility of our choice in life.

*The project "Terminal" has engaged deeply after I settled down in Berlin from New York, where I had been a base for about seven years.
I overlapped this project with personal life moving to start my new chapter.

Location: Berlin, Year: 2015-2017
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